NBA All-Star draft reportedly to be televised

Steph x Kyrie

West to a playground-style in which two captains picked teams among a pool of All-Stars from both conferences. Other times, they actually work pretty well, like changing the East-West All-Star Game setup into a "fantasy draft" format.

The National Basketball Association already won the popular vote this summer, becoming the first American professional sports league to hit 30 million followers on Instagram, but it stole the show again after Election Day with a new feature that will undoubtedly boost the hype of the NBA All-Star Game even more.

Why was the draft not televised in the first place?

The NBA's second annual All-Star draft will be televised.

Though a set date has not been fixed, January 30 and 31 appear to be two likely targets for a TNT broadcast, according to sources familiar with the plans. It doesn't matter if you're first or last, you're 24 of the best in the world at that point in time.

"It was great, me and Steph, we had a great time drafting on the phone just picking", James, now in the Western Conference having signed as a free agent with the Los Angeles Lakers after having spent the last four seasons with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Depending on who represents the East this year as the captain, James, Curry or another West All-Star could be in for an unbelievable event when it's time to pick teams.

Get your popcorn ready for when TNT televises the All-Star draft.

Whatever transpires, this season's game will differ from last season's in one key way: we'll know the order in which players were drafted, meaning the game will have some potential added motivational factors.



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