Is Britain's Prime Minister facing Mayday over her Brexit plan?

21 Conservative MPs have publicly demanded for May to step aside

When she visits Brussels, she said, she will talk to EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.

In her first interview in her new job, Ms Rudd called on any colleagues planning to submit letters of no-confidence in Mrs May to "think again". She's being held to ransom by extreme right wingers in the Conservative Party. Faced with the prospect of a terrifying no-deal or another referendum, or general election, it remains possible that sceptical MPs could be cajoled into supporting it.

If she leaves No 10 over the issue of her withdrawal agreement, the United Kingdom could then change direction entirely over its exit from the European Union.

Theresa May rolled the dice with a dramatic reshuffle of her ministerial team as she battles to cling onto her job and stop her own party tearing up her Brexit deal. Mr. Fox echoed that sentiment, telling reporters, "I have full confidence in the Prime Minister". The two countries have agreed to set up a new joint parliamentary assembly, consisting of about 50 MPs from each side, which would meet at least twice a year.

South Staffordshire MP and Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said: "I'm very supportive of the Prime Minister".

'It does deliver on the things that most people voted to leave the European Union for, such as control of our borders and laws.

"I think we can do it with good will, we can change the atmosphere of negotiations into one of mutual interest and mutual benefit, and on that basis I think we can have a constructive negotiation rather than the awful way in which the government has negotiated over the last two years".

The EU is pressing ahead with preparations for a summit to sign-off the current deal next Sunday despite the perilous position it is now in.

The consequences of a no-deal, hard Brexit would be felt by companies and workers in Britain and across Europe, Kempf added.

Dominic Raab said that May has allowed Britain to be

Mr Lefroy said: "I think it's ridiculous that people are doing that". You were never going to get that.

Government minister Margot James has blasted leading Brexiteers for attempting to topple Theresa May, labelling them as "beneath contempt" for trying to oust the PM.

If Parliament rejects the draft deal and other developments such as a snap election occur, Britain can postpone the withdrawal of next March and continue Brexit negotiations with the mutual consent of all European Union member states. "No deal would be catastrophic for the economy".

"It is tight and I accept that, and that is the frustration, that we have got right the way across the House of Commons, the frustration of why has the last two years have been wasted in the way it has, in the internal disputes within the Conservative Party, when there should have been these negotiations".

A senior Tory said: "Dom and Dave will appeal to a certain wing of the party and could go the whole way".

She will try to present MPs with a take-it-or-leave-it choice between her deal or no deal in the hope enough waverers will be frightened into backing her.

"The nation voted to leave and I feel that no deal is better than this bad deal". In 2016 she beat flashier and better-known politicians, including flamboyant Brexit-backer Boris Johnson, to the post of prime minister.

He suggested he would support a deal like that struck by the prime minister if it addressed those concerns.

"I'm not going to vote in any way that endangers the country by what people call a hard Brexit", he said.



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