Here's How To Grab Crackdown Free For Xbox One And Xbox 360

Tip: Crackdown is Free for Xbox One and Xbox 360

Fortnite won't be the only game to receive keyboard and mouse support, however. I even bought a subscription just so I could get my hands on the game (and Fable 3), but today marks the first time Crackdown was given away to everyone regardless of their Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Developed by Blue Manchu, a studio co-founded by Jonathan Chey (one of the co-creators of BioShock), Void Bastards is launching in 2019 and will be available via Game Pass at launch.

PlayStation 4 users don't have this option yet, although can use a simulated method for Fortnite on PS4, or alternatively buy third-party hardware to enable the use of mouse and keyboard.

Microsoft will host a special two-hour episode of Inside Xbox on Saturday, November 10th at 4pm EST/1pm PST.

Exactly when the full keyboard and mouse support will roll out to everyone remains to be seen, but it should be very soon. And while some Xbox players may worry about going up against players using different inputs, Epic assured players that they will only play against others with the same input devices.

First-person shooters are, naturally, the genre mouse and keyboard is perhaps best suited for, and some players of competitive titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Battlefield V, PUBG, Overwatch may welcome the support. Historically, titles in this genre such as Civilization or Halo Wars have been tweaked to work with controllers.



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