Here Are The College Football Playoff Rankings After Week 10

After Bye Week Does Michigan Remain Atop Big Ten Power Rankings

How far will Michigan State fall if they move to 6-4?

On the outside looking in begins with No. 5 Georgia, No. 6 Oklahoma and after that it gets a little interesting.

The playoff picture cleared up after a weekend where several contenders asserted themselves.

LSU coach Ed Orgeron said the loss to Alabama, the program's eighth consecutive, and his third, was tough to take, but they have to rebound this week. The Tigers stayed ahead of Washington State despite a 7-2 record to Washington State's 8-1 record.

With Alabama defeating LSU - No. 3 in the initial rankings - in Baton Rouge by a 29-0 score last weekend, no change was expected at the top.

Also, Michigan State went from unranked to No. 18 after beating a Maryland team that is a mess and is just 5-4. That's important because, barring chaos, the true Playoff hopefuls will all likely sit in the committee's updated top 10 this week - and remaining schedules suggest that chaos isn't likely to happen.

Other SEC teams in the rankings were Kentucky at No. 11, Florida at No. 15 and Auburn at No. 24.

With four weeks left in the season, nine of the top 10 teams are serious contenders.

Important to the Hawks is where the other Big Ten teams fell within the rankings. The loss of that game, should it have been a WVU win, might have been a difference in one or two slots in this week's rankings. From the very start of the season, just about everybody associated with college football predicted Alabama and Georgia would meet in the SEC title game, a rematch of last season's national championship game.

All nine teams are favorites, though, as of Wednesday, Nov. 6, two are favored by fewer than seven points: Ohio State (-3.5) and Washington State (-6 at Colorado).

The Sooners will be tested in its last game of the regular season when they face No. 9 West Virginia.

With a huge win over Texas this weekend, the West Virginia Mountaineers saw a steep climb in the rankings. Remember Michigan still plays Ohio State in the last regular-season game. Not awful. To get to 11-1 and a Big 12 title could mean two victories over Oklahoma in consecutive weekends.



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