Guardiola: Manchester City don't just win because of cash spent

La Liga call for UEFA sanctions against Manchester City amid new FFP leaks

"Incredible people working here, and how professional they are in all the departments", he said. "But I am part of the club and support the club absolutely and we want to do what we have to do in terms of the rules".

"I think it's the biggest single risk to (our) reputation we have faced since 2008", she is said to have written.

The magazine said the name "Longbow" was chosen, according to City's chief legal adviser, Simon Cliff, as it was "the weapon the English used to beat the French at Crecy and Agincourt" in the Hundred Years' War.

The magazine reported that Man City officials detailed a long-term search for "creative solutions" to hiding expenses and evading UEFA monitoring of spending on players.

The scheme is said to have involved a shell company called Fordham Sports Management being set up.

One alleged example is the transferring of player marketing rights to another company, meaning that the cost of paying image rights was suddenly taken away from City and put onto this new company.

German publication Der Spiegel has made a series of claims against Man Utd's cross-town rivals, insinuating that the club's owner had been using his own fortune to top up multi-million-pound sponsorship deals with Abi Dhabi companies.

"That is an issue always here because to stay at one level and then achieve another level you need a lot of time, and of course money, but a lot of time".

City say they will not be commenting on the claims, which come after initial allegations about the club and FFP were published by the magazine on Friday.

"This is reflected in the airline's audited accounts". Both PSG and Manchester City are cheating and should be sanctioned.

City allegedly also had to make up losses of £9.9m in 2012/13 to meet FFP regulations due to terminating manager Roberto Mancini's contract.

The Spanish league will complain to the European Union if Uefa fail to act on the explosive allegations surrounding Manchester City and their alleged attempts to dodge Financial Fair Play.

His response comes after both Federation Internationale de Football Association and Manchester City issued statements in response to the allegations, denying any wrongdoing.

"Believe me, I'm completely honest, I don't know what happened, because I am a manager, I am focused about what happened on the pitch, and locker room".

"I am inside now for the past three years and I would say of course like many, many clubs around the world there is a lot of money, but they are an incredible club".

"When I was in Barcelona and after in Germany, I always I hear from the boys "Manchester City has a lot of money - just money".



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