Google's Night Sight is rolling out to Pixel phones

Google Rolls Out Night Sight Tech to Improve Quality of Low-Light Photos

iPhone XS (left) and Pixel 3 w/ Night Sight (right).

The Night Sight is basically Google's HDR+ mode on steroids, a computational photography technology that captures a burst of frames and merged them using software. And according to Google, Night Sight is rolling out for all Pixel devices, past and present, in the coming days.

Once Night Sight is enabled, the Google Pixel will automatically suggest that Night Sight be used when its about to take a photo in low light.

Night Sight works by snapping multiple several second long exposures and then combining those images into a single shot.

We'll be putting Night Sight to the test once it's landed on our Pixel 3, so keep an eye out for a review update which will include our full, in-depth findings.

However, as with all low-light modes of this type, there are limitations to Night Sight. Once the photo is captured, the device will use all its machine learning skills to attempt to balance the color of your photo - instead of the super red or yellow or blue of the extra light you've let in on the subjects of your photo.

It appears that issues continue to affect Pixel 3 devices after the latest security updates pushed out by Google. When it comes down to it, Night Sight is positively groundbreaking, not just for mobile photography, but photography in general. Meanwhile, if there is "significant scene motion" or the Pixel is moving, the feature will use "shorter exposures, capturing less light to minimize motion blur".

Will my phone get Night Sight?

As soon as the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL went on sale, Google confirmed that the feature will only become available in November. In order to catch up with Google, smartphone makers are scrambling to add new experience with two or three camera setup and improved AI features.

Google states that it's rolling out over the next few days via the Google Camera app at the Play Store.



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