Flash floods kill seven in Jordan

Jordan has once again been hit by heavy floods. Pic AHMAD ATWAH JORDANIAN TOUR GUIDE

She said that searches for missing people are ongoing.

Jumana Ghunaimat, Minister of State for Media Affairs and government spokesperson, said that the security departments are coordinating the rescue operations in more than one area which had heavy rainfall, noting that 3,762 tourists were evacuated in the city of Petra in southern Jordan.

He added that the floods in Petra are within their natural conditions and that the cadres of the Petra Commission are now working on counting tourists and evacuating them to their hotels, adding that the areas that have been exposed to the floods are: Wadi Musa and other areas, adding that the Desert Highway is open, under normal traffic conditions and with no reported accidents so far.

A spokesman for the Civil Defense Iyad al-Amro, told Al Arabiya that members of the Civil Defense were searching for three other missing members of the surviving child's family.

Civil defence divers searched for five people whose vehicle was swept away by floods in the Madaba area, southwest of the capital, state news agency Petra said.

Downpours also triggered a state of emergency in the port city of Aqaba.

In Petra, flood waters in some areas rose up to 4m (13ft), state TV reported.

"One of the civilians was evacuated to the hospital for medical treatment while the three other civilians did not need any medical attention", the IDF statement said Saturday.

An excavator is partially submerged in a stream after rain storms unleashed flash floods, in Madaba city, near Amman, Jordan, November 10, 2018.

It broadcast footage of tourists sheltering on high ground on both sides of the access road to Jordan's biggest attraction.

Ghneimat urged residents of the stricken areas and low-lying regions to evacuate their homes, saying that heavy rains were expected to continue to lash Jordan Friday night and Saturday.

Designated a UNESCO world heritage site in 1985, Petra draws hundreds of thousands of tourists a year to its rock-hewn treasury, temples and mausoleums.

Two weeks ago, 21 people - mainly children - died after their bus was swept away during a school outing.



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