Final Fantasy XV cancels most DLC, director quits Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer: Comrades Launches This December

The loss, which was mostly pinned down to the opening of Luminous Productions, allegedly caused Square to turn the company into one of its regular business divisions, according to Eurogamer.

It's not all over quite yet, with Episode Ardyn due to launch in spring 2019 and more bits and bobs coming before then.

Regardless, we'll certainly miss Tabata's contributions to Final Fantasy titles, even if we're also looking forward to whatever future projects he embarks on under his own steam.

However, Episode Ardyn (which centres around the game's main antagonist, ) will still be dropping in March 2019.

In a surprising and drastic move, Square Enix have made a decision to can the production of more DLC for Final Fantasy XV and write off the costs of its production, as they look to point Luminous Productions toward creating new AAA games.

You can watch the announcement below.

'I was able to gain so much experience with my time at Square Enix.

Naturally, this is a big blow for the development of DLC, and the departure of Tabata has forced Square Enix to make some drastic changes to their plans.

Final Fantasy XV released in 2016 with a season pass containing extra content, but season pass holders won't be missing out, as it appears everything that was promised has been released. The new quest will feature the new boss "Garuda", and finishing the quest will unlock new costumes.

So, for fans of Final Fantasy 15, this is likely disappointing news, but the silver lining is that some of the game's planned DLC is surviving this purge.

"In regards to my next endeavors and near future, I have a project that I truly wish to solidify as my next challenge after Final Fantasy XV", said the game designer.

Good luck to him on that journey.



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