EU’s Kurz urges MPs to back ‘good deal for both sides’

Burt prepared to wait on Brexit verdict

Stephen Barclay has been appointed as the new Brexit Secretary, the third this year, but the role has been further downgraded as the Prime Minister will in future take sole control of negotiations on the European Union withdrawal. In 2016 she beat flashier and better-known politicians, including flamboyant Brexit-backer Boris Johnson, to the post of prime minister.

May has apparently reached a crucial stage in which her leadership is being put to the test.

A "hard Brexit" is generally seen as a British departure from the European Union in which it loses all access to EU markets and the EU customs union; a "soft Brexit" is generally seen as a British departure from the EU in which the United Kingdom retains some access to EU markets and stays in the customs union but at the price of compromising on immigration policies.

Ms Rudd's return to government comes less than seven months after she faced intense criticism over the UK's treatment of the Windrush generation.

Under Conservative rules, a confidence vote in the leader is triggered if 15 percent of Conservative lawmakers-currently 48-write a letter to the party's 1922 Committee of backbenchers, which oversees leadership votes.

The resignations mean that the prime minister may face an uphill battle to win parliamentary support for the Brexit deal.

Defence Minister Tobias Ellwood, a Government loyalist and MP for Bournemouth East, said: "I fully recognise the call for a people's vote in relation to honouring the will of the people, which may well be different now than it was in 2016". It is thought they intend to persuade May to re-negotiate details of the deal on exiting the backstop.

Amber Rudd has returned to Theresa May's Cabinet and pleaded with Tory rebels to back the Prime Minister and her Brexit deal.

"I think there is one thing that is missing and that is political will and resolve". Some Blairite members of the opposition will vote no because they reject the idea of leaving the European Union on any terms, good or bad; others, like the Old Labour stalwart Dennis Skinner, will vote no for reasons virtually identical to those of gin-soaked High Tory backbenchers.

The document, coordinated by members of the Alliance of British Entrepreneurs (ABE) and seen by City A.M., asks MPs to be subjective in their assessment of May's proposals, which it believes do not meet the tests set out by the Prime Minister in a speech at Lancaster House past year.

With the DUP - the Tories' Northern Irish allies who prop up Mrs May's minority government at Westminster - among the strongest critics of the draft Brexit deal, Ms Dorries predicted voters could soon be asked to go to the polls.

"We need to move beyond this scenario where we just simply react to crises all the time", says Leonard.

Meanwhile, Leadsom has said there is still time for "more to be done" on the Brexit deal.

Davis predicted that May will be forced to re-enter negotiations when the deal is voted down by MPs and said a no-deal Brexit would be "much better" than the current deal.

However earlier this week, in his role as health minister, he wrote that "a question that a number of people have raised is whether they will continue to be able to get healthcare in Europe after we leave the European Union, for example if they are retired in France or Spain or going on holiday to Greece or Italy".

"Mrs May will be invited", a diplomat said, "But even if something explosive happens and she can't come, it will go ahead regardless".

"I think there's still the potential to improve on the clarification and on some of the measures within it and that's what I'm hoping to be able to help with", she said.



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