Elon Musk has plans to create a new auto

Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson testifies during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington Wednesday Dec. 6 2017

(The Restaurant at the End of the Universe refers to the second book in the series.) The dash of the Roadster itself even has a nod to Hitchhiker's Guide, as Space.com notes the words "Don't Panic" on its control panel also appeared on a cover of the novel.

In April 2017, the head of Tesla and SpaceX during the TED conference introduced the project of a network of tunnels under Los Angeles in the United States.

To which Musk instantly replied that he would love to be in India.

United States regulators have issued subpoenas to Tesla for information on projections made by chief executive Elon Musk past year in relation to production of its Model 3 electric vehicle, the company and Musk have disclosed in a regulatory filing. Earlier in May 2018 Musk had said that "Would love to be in India".

Following the launch of the Model 3 past year, Tesla repeatedly missed aggressive production targets for the new vehicle, blaming "manufacturing bottlenecks".

This clearly indicated Tesla's plan to enter the Indian market.

To be (in India) or not to be?

The company also said on Friday that 44 per cent of its third-quarter net profit was from previously undisclosed regulatory credits. This time too, it was in a response to a user's query on Twitter. Some challenging government regulations, unfortunately.

The US Justice Department (FBI) has also requested documents as part of a similar investigation, but those investigators have not issued subpoenas or made other formal requests, Tesla said in a statement Friday.

Deepak, who has over 20 years of financial experience in the global auto industry, was Tesla CFO between 2008 and 2015, and later returned again as CFO of the company in February 2017. However, the country is still open to a collaboration with Musk's company for a local factory.

The entrepreneur wants to make pricing affordable, through a strategy that focuses on local production for local markets at a continental level.

The tweet, which Mr. Musk later said was a joke to amuse his goth girlfriend, caused the company stock to fall 14%.

India might see partial presence of Tesla by 2020.



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