Dead Republican brothel owner Dennis Hof wins election in Nevada

Deceased Republican Brothel Owner Dennis Hof Elected To Nevada Assembly

As for his death, Hof may have literally partied himself to death, as he was found dead in a brothel on October 16, 2018, after celebrating his 72 birthday for four days straight.

Hof's campaign for District 36 - composed of Nye, Lincoln and Clark Counties - was marked by publicity stunts and billboard advertising that broadcast his pledges of repealing taxes and protecting gun rights, according to the US magazine The New Yorker.

Hof ran for office in 2016 as a Libertarian but lost, and this year he ran as a Republican and earned backing from Trump associate Roger Stone and anti-tax-increase advocate Grover Norquist.

He also wrote an autobiography during his life called "The Art of the Pimp" in which he called himself "The Trump of Pahrump" - a reference to the city in which he owned several brothels.

A Nevada brothel owner and reality TV star who died last month won a heavily Republican state legislative district Tuesday night.

Another Republican will be appointed to serve in his place after results showed the late brothel owner received over 60% of the vote.

But much of Nevada's establishment GOP shunned him.

Though Republican leaders in Nye County - where Hof was running - supported him, Nevada's top Republicans did not, according to the newspaper.

His campaign manager actually seemed to admit at one stage that Hof's death might have improved his voting performance.

So who will end up representing Nevada's Assembly District 36? They're banned in counties that contain Las Vegas and Reno, and the state does not publicize how many are open. In fact, there appear to be more examples of dead people winning elections than there are deceased folks losing elections where they were still on the ballot.

Well, you know what they say, you can't keep a good man down.

Bonus link: ReasonTV interviewed Hof back in 2014 on prostitution, libertarianism, and more.



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