Cloudflare DNS service comes to Android on 11.11


The company has claimed that its DNS service is the fastest resolver out there. Mobile apps for Android and iOS are now available on their respective app stores.

The app requires running a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on the phone.

While mobile devices could have already used the service by switching the DNS servers manually, by utilizing this app users can enable the service by simply toggling it on in the app.

While mobile users can manually route their traffic through the DNS resolver by changing their smartphone's network settings, Cloudflare's mobile app aims to make the experience even easier.

Setting up the app Cloudflare DNS app is easy and will allow you, among other things, to access websites that may be restricted in your country.

Internet security company Cloudflare has introduced its own Cloudflare DNS app that can both help mitigate surveillance as well as give you access to blocked websites. Aside from that, the DNS service is more secure compared to the other DNS resolvers as Cloudflare does not collect any user data just like ISPs would do. If you are anxious about having your connection hijacked, then you will love how this service works.

There are a lot of reasons as to why you might want to download the new Cloudflare version on iOS or Android.

Another touted benefit of is that your internet connection will be safer.

In addition to the speed, you also gain better privacy. The service works really fast, the pages load very quickly, especially if we're talking about those parts of the world in which the internet is a bit slower. You know, for science. According to Cloudflare, their offering provided the fastest service to the users. Now the app still asks for Photos/Media/Files and for Wi-Fi connection information, due to the Instabug reporting library used by developers.



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