California Woman Chokes McDonald's Manager Over Ketchup Shortage

Santa Ana police are looking for a Hispanic woman who they said assaulted a McDonald’s employee after she was not given enough ketchup and told to leave the restaurant

Police in California have released the surveillance footage of a McDonald's manager being attacked by a woman who was upset over missing packs of ketchup.

The young woman ordered her food through the McDonald's drive-thru before entering a back door to the restaurant used by employees, so she could ask for ketchup, Santa Ana police said.

In footage released by police in Santa Ana, CA, in Orange County, a woman can be seen pulling at the employee from behind.

Another McDonald's employee also intervened to drag the suspect off the manager and still fulfilled an order at the drive-thru window amid the chaos. Police said they hope to find the man, but clarified that he is not in trouble, according to KTLA-TV.

"We're actually grateful for the service he provided; he stopped the assault".

It added that she "pushed, punched, and choked the victim".

A lack of ketchup allegedly caused a woman to attack a Santa Ana McDonald's employee.

"Obviously, we take these things seriously", he said.

Larry Kaplan, the owner of the McDonald's franchise, told Sputnik on Wednesday that his restaurant is cooperating with law enforcement officials in their efforts to track down the wanted woman.

Police described the suspect as a 20-25 year old female with brown hair in a pink shirt and gray sweatpants.

This latest McDonald's fracas comes after a McDonald's employee in SC was charged with third degree assault and battery last week after she slapped her manager while trying to force-feed her bacon, according to the Island Packet newspaper.



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