BTS boy band dropped from Japanese TV over atom bomb T-shirt

TV Asahi cancels performance of K-pop group BTS over A-bomb shirt

BTS later apologised to its fans for not being able to make an appearance.

The comments included, "The dropping of the atomic bombs led to the end of war, then liberation"; "It can not be swept aside simply by saying, "We wore it without knowing the meaning"; and, "I feel sad and pained that their chance to perform on the program is gone".

Japan and Korea's shared wartime history remains an extremely sensitive topic in both countries.

Universal Music said it will continue to support BTS but confirmed their appearance on the live music show Music Station was cancelled.

"A t-shirt design worn by one of the members caused controversy. we had been discussing it with the record label".

"The T-shirt that one of the members wore made headlines and became controversial", TV Asahi explained in a statement announcing the cancelled performance.

The shirt is still available for purchase online.

The offending shirt featured the phrase "PATRIOTISM OURHISTORY LIBERATION KOREA" repeated multiple times alongside an image of an atomic bomb explosion and another of Koreans celebrating liberation. "This group is making fun of the atomic bombings".

Hundreds of thousands of people were killed instantly and many more died in the years to come as a result of radiation sickness. Japan ruled the Korean Peninsula from 1910 until the end of Asia's involvement in World War II, which was brought about when Japan surrendered following the USA's use of two atomic bombs.

There are conflicting reports as to when exactly Jimin wore the shirt.

The T-shirt in question is one worn by BTS member Jimin, which started a commotion on the Japanese Internet last month.

A photograph has been widely circulated on Japanese social media sites.

BTS was slated to perform "Fake Love" and "IDOL" on the November 9 episode of TV Asashi's "Music Station", following the release of their ninth Japanese single this week.

"What's so wrong about Koreans commemorating National Liberation Day?" said another Korean user on Twitter.

The cancellation comes as ties between Japan and Korea have becoming increasingly strained in recent years. With the Japanese government maintaining that all matters of compensation were settled through a treaty in 1965, political tension is high between the two countries.



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