Bells will toll on November 11th

Churches such as St. Paul's Anglican in Charlottetown will be participating in Sunday's memorial

The 100th anniversary of the peace agreement lends an extraordinary look to this year's commemorative ceremonies around the United States, where wreaths are placed on memorials and bells toll to ring in harmony.

November 11 marks the anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended hostilities in WWI.

This is being done as part of the Royal Canadian Legion's Bells of Peace initiative to have church bells across Canada ringing at sundown.

We've just come through a bruising political season, but - just ahead - is a reminder of what it is about our great country that unites us.

One year after the war ended, a Thanksgiving Eve dinner was held in Winters where more than 70 local veterans who had participated in World War I were honored, according to a document Donlevy provided the Express last month. As a tribute to all Canadians that served in this horrific struggle, the Legion sought to create an event that allows Canadian-if only for a moment-to stop and feel the joy of peace after so much death and destruction. The illumination covering the memorial in poppies ran for nine consecutive evenings through Veterans Day to recognize the nine million soldiers worldwide who died during World War One.

And Innisfil Community Church will ring the bell in honour of all veterans at dusk. The commission suggests tolling the bells 21 times, symbolizing the 21-gun salute, the nation's highest honor.

The gathering will take place around 4:15 pm on Remembrance Day at the clock tower. Hutchinson formed the committee to recognize the state's contributions to the war.



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