Ariana Grande tops Billboard Hot 100

Luke Skywalker quotes Ariana Grande without realizing

Obviously, Grande reacted in the only appropriate way to one of the leading lads of the Rebel Alliance recognizing her as an artist: She geeked out.

Ariana Grande's latest single "Thank u, next" is an ode to former boyfriends, as she thanks everyone in her life for the various lessons they've taught her, ultimately allowing her to move on in life and become a better person.

Ariana Grande has been on a winning streak since the release of her Sweetener album.

And it seems she has an unexpected fan in Mark Hamill, who took to social media last night to praise her new song.

The most touching moment of the song is when Grande sings, "wish I could say thank you to Malcolm / 'Cause he was an angel".

Having shared a one year relationship with rapper Mac Miller who died on Sep. The singer herself caught wind and was starstruck by Hamill. The Billboard charts try to tell us otherwise, but every song Ari has ever recorded is No. 1 in our hearts.GiphyThough "Thank U, Next" is her first No. 1 single, Grande is no stranger to the top spot on another Billboard chart. In fact, she appreciated it quite a bit.

Pop music gets a bad reputation for superficiality and catering to teenage girls, but Grande's "thank u, next" helps reinvent that perspective and shows how pop songs can be just as powerful as songs from any other genre.



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