We’ll deliver for Britain if we hold our nerve - Theresa May

We’ll deliver for Britain if we hold our nerve - Theresa May

Phillip Lee, who quit the government to campaign for another European Union referendum, said the party was "distracted" by Brexit - a "single issue". So, it is no surprise that we have had a range of different views expressed this week. "But my job as Prime Minister is to do what I believe to be in the national interest", she said.

In particular, highlighting what she has repeatedly called her "personal mission" to tackle the housing crisis, May announced she would scrap the cap on how much local authorities can borrow to build new social housing.

Mrs May also announced that fuel duty would be frozen ahead of the Chancellor's budget later this month. The problem for the rest of us is she may not actually be serious at all about doing what it takes to end the savage destruction of the age of austerity. As well as showing support for arch-Brexiteer Jacob Rees Mogg, whose children had to witness a far left protestor slagging him off, May extended an olive branch to a far less likely target: 'The first black woman ever to be elected to the House of Commons receives more racist and misogynist messages today than when she first stood over 30 years ago. And the spendthrift failures of the previous labour administration that had led to those hard choices being made.

"Some markets are still not working in the interests of ordinary people", she said.

"There is a massive gulf between her rhetoric and the reality of what is now facing the UK".

Wednesday's speech was considerably smoother.

Jeremy Hunt, her foreign minister, said on Twitter: "Congratulations Theresa May for a remarkable speech delivered with humour and passion". And she laid it out as if it was a proper exit from the EU. It was, however, a bar May cleared easily in her 2018 address.

On the eve of her speech, Boris Johnson infuriated the prime minister with a cultivated media scrum and then delighting his supporters with a speech in which he set out his personal Tory leadership manifesto and savaged her Chequers plan.

And to cap it all, the Tory Brexiteers stand on the deck spouting fearless words but do nothing to save themselves and their party. Forty-eight such letters are needed to trigger a vote of confidence in the leader. But he is no stranger to the United Kingdom government, having served briefly as a treasury minister in former Prime Minister David Cameron's government, charged with overseeing a boost to the economy in the north of England. But what I am saying is that even if the whips did fantastically well and got the numbers down to 40 it still seems to me that it will be voted down.

"However, there comes a point that blind loyalty is not the right way forward".

"So why we can think that Ireland is going to be such a disaster, I don't know".

Eager to erase the memory of his speech nightmare of 2017, interrupted by coughing and the collapse of a part of the scenery, Theresa May is ungainly on Dancing Queen, tube Swedish group Abba, on his arrival at the tribune of the palais des congrès of Birmingham (centre of England).

Johnson did not call Tuesday for May to be replaced, saying she should simply change course. Hasn't the European Union already said it won't accept this deal? Others argue that abandoning Brexit altogether and simply staying in must also be on the ballot.

And to all businesses - large and small - you may have heard that there is a four-letter word to describe what we Conservatives want to do to you.

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