Visuals of How Much Damage Hurricane Michael Inflicted on the Gulf Coast

WATCH Hurricane Michael hits Cuba and Mexico on its way to U.S

Scott was set to travel Thursday afternoon with the Florida National Guard to Panama City and Mexico Beach, where Michael came ashore midday Wednesday with 155 miles per hour maximum sustained winds, the strongest ever recorded in the region.

Hurricane Michael finally weakened to a tropical storm on Thursday, no longer a Category 4 monster packing 155 miles per hour winds.

A day Michael made landfall as a deadly Category 4 hurricane, 10Weather is already monitoring a new tropical disturbance in the west-central Caribbean Sea.

Aerial footage showed streets, once populated with beach houses, leveled to nothing but debris by the Category 4 hurricane. "We have trees being uprooted, heavy, heavy rain".

Then the storm hit, blasting homes with high winds and heavy rains.

Authorities said a falling tree killed a man outside Tallahassee, Florida, and an 11-year-old girl in Georgia was killed when the winds picked up a carport and dropped it on her home.

SCOTT: That means the water will come miles inshore and could easily rise over the roofs of houses.

University of Georgia's Marshall Shepherd, a former president of the American Meteorological Society, called it a "life-altering event" on Facebook and said he watched the storm's growth on satellite images with a pit growing in his stomach.

Hundreds of thousands of people were ordered to evacuate their homes and the governor told residents who had not done so to "hunker down and be careful".

Michael isn't alone. The National Hurricane Center says Hurricane Leslie and Tropical Storm Nadine are no threat to land over the open Atlantic Ocean, but Tropical Storm Sergio in the Pacific is blowing toward the Baja California Peninsula on a path across Mexico to the southern U.S. Plains and the Ozarks by the weekend.

They said it's still not clear how many people stayed put and would need to be rescued.

Her home was reduced to crumbled cinderblocks and pieces of floor tile.

By comparison, about 75,000 customers lost power during Hurricane Hermine, which struck Tallahassee in 2016, said Gillum, the Democratic candidate for governor.

Smith could not provide details on the victim.

Models indicate Michael appears to be zoning in on the Big Bend for potential landfall, though areas from Destin to Apalachicola are still in the "cone of uncertainty".

"I know you just want to go home, check on things and begin the recovery process".

Despite the warnings, local officials believe a far smaller number of people have in fact moved away. Together with Kerry Emanuel of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and others, he has researched how warming waters increase storms' wind force. Gale Berry, 59, said their neighborhood was littered with debris and downed trees after Hurricane Hermine, which made landfall in 2016 as a Category 1 storm.

"Weakening is expected after landfall as Michael moves across the south-eastern United States", the NHC added. Destructive winds "Michael" felled trees and cut power lines that come across his path.

More than 180,000 people of those leaving were under mandatory evacuation orders, the long lines of cars jamming routes out Tuesday.

Mulligan and her family rode out Hurricane Michael in their Mexico Beach condo.

"There's nothing left here anymore", he said of the town.

The unforgettable thing about record-setting Hurricane Michael will always be how rapidly it became a near-Category 5 storm, perfectly timed for a sneak-attack on the Florida panhandle.

Seminole County is "pitch black", in "complete and total devastation", Travis Brooks, director of Seminole County's Emergency Management Agency told ABC News.

Over 900,000 homes and businesses in Florida, Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas were without power.

The Carolinas are still recovering from Hurricane Florence, which left dozens dead and is estimated to have caused billions of dollars in damage last month.

Previous year saw a string of catastrophic storms batter the western Atlantic - including Irma, Maria and Harvey, which caused a record-equaling $125 billion in damage when it flooded the Houston metropolitan area.

Tropical Storm Michael continues to weaken as it over eastern Georgia as it makes its way toward the Carolinas.



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