'Venom' breaks records, 'A Star Is Born' shines at the box office

039;Venom' latest hit to trump bad reviews with great box office while 'A Star Is Born' soars into second spot

But it seems to have resonated much more with moviegoers: it has a B+ score from viewers on CinemaScore, and in the USA it easily shattered Gravity's record to earn the best October opening of all time.

Internationally, Venom earned $125.2 million, making for a total pull of $205.2 million.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Venom racked up $80 million at the box office in the United States this week, while the Lady Gaga-starring remake A Star is Born earned a solid $42.6 million. And that's without China, where a premiere date is still set to be announced.

Despite receiving a bad critical score (31% rotten), Venom now holds an 88% "fresh" score on Rotten Tomatoes, while "A Star Is Born" has received a 92% fresh critic score on the website.

But this exceptional box office debut is noteworthy for more reasons than one.

As Warner Bros. domestic distribution head Jeff Goldstein tells Variety, "A Star Is Born" is poised to have a long, successful run at the box office. Considering it was directly competing with A Star Is Born, which also took more than $40m, that's pretty damn impressive.

Shangela is a Lady Gaga "super fan".

That movie went on to earn £30.7 million overall in the United Kingdom, and though it seems unlikely that Venom will go quite that high, bosses will no doubt be relieved that the negative buzz from critics didn't affect ticket sales.

A bankable Oscar-bait movie and a hit superhero flick?



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