The Chaser Projected Alan Jones' Phone Number Onto The Opera House

The Chaser Projected Alan Jones' Phone Number Onto The Opera House

Racing NSW Stewards will later this evening advise all wagering operators when they may recommence betting on The Everest.

A firestorm of criticism erupted after the government of the state of NSW overruled the management of the World Heritage listed building to allow the advertisements for the A$13-million Everest Cup.

Protesters have shone torch beams on the Sydney Opera House sails to try and obscure projections of The Everest horse race.

The original plan was to conduct the barrier draw live and simultaneously project it onto the facade of the Sydney Opera House tonight, but the racing body has brought the draw forward, with the results to be "held in confidence" until the six-minute projection.

Racing NSW chief executive Peter V'landys took the decision to conduct the draw on Tuesday morning prior to the barrier draw function to circumvent any security risks as the fallout from use of the Opera House to promote the race continues.

Luckily for Jones, as it turns out, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is a gutless Jones puppet can caved in immediately, overturning the actual documented rules of the Sydney Opera House so that Jones' pals could get their way.

"It is the view of the Heritage Council that the use of the Opera House for the commercial advertising of this event is completely unsatisfactory and is an inappropriate use of this significant heritage place that is valued by many around the world", he said.

Activist group Sleeping Giants Oz is targeting Alan Jones advertisers, accusing the 2GB host of bullying Opera House CEO Louise Herron into allowing advertising to be projected onto the iconic landmark.

"Gave her a big talking to. you're allowed to project on there, that's the biggest billboard in Sydney, mate".

"So to Louise and those people who've been offended, I apologise".

In another letter sent to Greens MP David Shoebridge, Mr Davies said he was unable to issue a Stop Work Order because the planned projections by Racing NSW did not meet the legal definition of "harm" as there was no physical damage being done to the site.



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