Teresa Giudice's husband Joe will be deported to Italy

Joe Giudice

Teresa Giudice's husband, Joe, will be deported to Italy after he's released from prison next year.

The latest report comes from RadarOnline, confirming that a judge ruled on the order in immigration court Wednesday morning.

Giudice is now serving a sentence of 41 months in prison.

Teresa has already served almost a year in prison; she was released in 2015.

Both of the Giudices have spent time behind bars. "I have to go back and tell my kids this, and they've been waiting to hear from me".

On a positive note, the couple's 2009 bankruptcy case was dismissed in June, and they intend on staying together with their four daughters, Gia, 17, Gabriella, 14, Milania, 12, and Audriana, 9.

Prison records indicate he is set to be released in March.

"Teresa is devastated at the news that Joe will be deported to Italy", a source tells E! He never became an American citizen so U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) lodged a detainer after he pleaded guilty to counts of fraud. However, she's reportedly optimistic that married pair will be able to appeal the judge's recent decision. "As much as Teresa said she would live in Italy with Joe in the past, that most likely won't happen as her father is in the states, and so is her family and friends. I will embrace it the best I can".

Giudice's wife Teresa was not in court when the judge issued the ruling.

While there have been rumours that Teresa may divorce Joe, she has always denied it. "I need to let it go and move on". News. "Even though she always knew this was a possible outcome, Teresa convinced herself that Joe wouldn't be deported".

A source told People magazine, "This is going to break her".

"Many of Teresa's closest friends wonder why she has stuck by Joe throughout this process", an insider said. At the time, he told the publication, "Teresa is not talking about getting divorced, she is not thinking about getting divorced and she's not filing for divorce".



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