Student Health Service strives to make flu shots more accessible

There had been expectations of a potentially severe season given the high levels of flu-related hospitalisation and death seen during the Northern Hemisphere winter

You can schedule your annual check-up at the same time, if you haven't already done so.

The investigators reported that the overall adjusted flu vaccine effectiveness (VE) for preventing flu-associated hospitalizations in all ages was 23.3% (95% CI: 2.9%-39.4%), with slightly less effectiveness observed in those who were 65 years of age or older (VE: 19.4%; 95% CI: -7.8%-39.8%). It is recommended that people receive their vaccination as soon as possible because the human immune system takes two weeks to produce antibodies in response to the flu vaccine.

ESR scientists said July was normally when flu infections peak but this year they peaked in September.

For older recipients, recent studies indicate getting a flu shot helps ward off heart attacks - as much so as taking blood pressure prescriptions or stopping smoking.

Known as Flublok, or technically as recombinant influenza vaccine, it's the vaccine that used to be given to people who have egg allergies, said Sherry Johnson, a nurse practitioner with St. Luke's Infectious Disease Associates. "But it's the flu and it can do a lot of tricky things, so we won't know for sure until the season begins in earnest". "And they're having a mild season (this year)". We've put our trust in the flu shot for decades (since 1933, to be exact). Visit for more details on how to help you and your family to stay well this winter. Given the long and complicated production process of vaccines, the way they are generally created is based off of public agencies trying to predict which specific strains of the flu will make an appearance in the oncoming flu season. "Some people may feel a little achy for a day or two afterwards; some people may even have a low grade fever - but that's not influenza - that's the body making antibodies, getting strong, and getting ready to fight off the flu". Despite being produced via raw eggs, you can not get salmonella poisoning from the flu shot.

A special high-dose seasonal flu vaccine is once again available for senior residents of long-term care facilities.

"People don't really understand the need for herd immunity - that we protect those who are most vulnerable", said Clark.

The CDC says the flu pandemic killed at least 50 million people worldwide, including about 675,000 in the United States. University of Pittsburgh professor and director of PittVax, Richard Zimmerman, explained to Popular Science in 2017 that the pain in your arm actually means the vaccine is doing its job.

Both the students giving and receiving the vaccines are always overseen by professionals, Johanna Burgos, a 33-year-old El Camino nursing major, said.

Myth 2. The flu shot will give me the flu. "It's hard to compare vaccines, because every year the flu changes".

Last year's vaccines, according to a piece in the Washington Post, were less effective than doctors had hoped. It is important to stress that the flu vaccine offered to those aged 65-74 this winter still provides protection.



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