Rescuers search for survivors after quake, tsunami

The earthquake and tsunami hit Palu on Sulawesi island

Local media quoted Indonesian Vice President Muhammad Jusuf Kalla as saying that he expected the toll to grow as he drew comparisons between the latest quake and the tsunami that hit Indonesia's Aceh Province in 2004.

Reports are still coming in of the impact of the disaster on communities further up the coast from Palu and closer to the quake's epicentre, including the smaller town of Donggala, where there was at least one death and 10 people were injured.

PRISON BREAK More than half of the 560 inmates in Palu's prison escaped after its walls collapsed during Friday's quake, according to state news agency Antara.

The quake hit at a depth of 10km (6.2 miles) just before 6pm local time (12pm United Kingdom time) on Friday, the US Geological Survey said.

The death toll is only for Palu as officials have not received any information from Donggala. Most were accounted for, but one South Korean was believed to be trapped in the Roa-Roa Hotel, while three others from France and one from Malaysia were missing.

Desperate survivors, now facing a third straight night sleeping outdoors, turned to looting shops for basics like food, water and fuel as police looked on, unwilling or unable to intervene.

Hospitals were overwhelmed by the influx of injured, with many people being treated in the open air, while other survivors helped to retrieve the remains of those who died.

Strong aftershocks hit the island on Saturday after Friday's quake.

There were concerns over the whereabouts of hundreds of people preparing for a beach festival that had been due to start on Friday, September 28, the disaster agency said.

A massive 7.5 magnitude natural disaster hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi and triggered a tsunami in Palu and Donngala.

"There are many challenges", Jokowi said.

Whenever there are aftershocks, people have "become panicked, running away with some yelling 'Tsunami!'", said Radika Pinto, a manager in Palu for World Vision, a Christian aid group.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo said troops were en route to the area to reinforce rescue teams and help retrieve bodies.

A key access road had been badly damaged and was partially blocked by landslides, the disaster agency said.

Dramatic video footage captured from the top floor of a parking ramp as the tsunami rolled in showed waves bringing down several buildings and inundating a large mosque.

"We have heard nothing from Donggala and this is extremely worrying", the Red Cross said in a statement.

TOLL SEEN RISING BNPB spokesman Sutopo Purwo Nugroho told a briefing in Jakarta the damage was "extensive" and said thousands of houses, hospitals, shopping malls and hotels had collapsed.

Many people returned over and over again to look through the bodies.

The Ministry of Transportation confirmed that Taipa Port and the Mamboro Bus Terminal in Palu were also badly damaged. A tsunami swept away buildings and killed large number of people on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, dumping victims caught in its relentless path across a devastated landscape that rescuers were struggling to reach Saturday, hindered by damaged roads and broken communications.

A 7.5 magnitude quake occurred at a shallow depth of 10km just off central Sulawesi, US monitors say.

The Philippines was "ready to respond and extend assistance to Indonesia", Cayetano said from NY, where he was attending the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Indonesia is prone to earthquakes because of its location on the Ring Of Fire, an arc of volcanoes and fault lines in the Pacific Basin.



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