PlayStation Has FINALLY Officially Announced PSN ID Name Changes

PlayStation will FINALLY let you change your PSN name

PSN users will also have the option to show their old ID alongside the new one, to make the transition more visible to online friends. Non-PlayStation Plus members will be charged $9.99 per additional name change, while PlayStation Plus members only have to pay $4.99.

Sony will be testing a feature to let you do just that as part of the PlayStation Preview Program, the company said in a blogpost Wednesday.

With each huge update that hits the PlayStation network, many PSN users have had no problem being vocal about there displeasure that there still isn't a way to change those old gamertags. Sony states that this feature will be compatible with games published after April 1, 2018, and only some of the most-played PS4 games before this date. For those that do get access, you'll be able to do your first change for free.

To make the change from xxxSniperJoe420xxx to "MyWifeIsMyLife2012" you'll merely need to head to the settings menu or profile section of the PS4. PlayStation is making it clear not all PS4, PS3, and PS Vita games are guaranteed to support the feature, so users might see issues or errors in certain games.

Once this feature launches, a list of compatible games published before April 1, 2018, will be made available. This should solve "most" issues.

The preview program is set to go until the end of November 2018, and PlayStation has plans to roll it out for all PS4 players in early 2019. If for any reason you experience issues after changing your ID, you can revert back to your original ID for free at any time (you will only be able to revert once during the preview program). It's priced on par with Xbox, but there are a lot of potential risks to consider.



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