Paul Pierce Scuffles with Security and Calls Them Racist at McGregor Fight

Conor Mc Gregor speaking at a pre-fight press conference where he repeatedly insulted his opponent

At the culmination of the match, after McGregor had tapped out to become Khabib's 27th victim, the Russian jumped over the top of the octagon attacking Dillon Danis whilst members of Khabib's team jumped into the octagon to attack the Irishman. "The war goes on", the Irish star tweeted, accompanied by a picture of himself holding a glass of what is likely to be his own-brand Proper 12 whisky.

Still you've got to worry for Khabib, who knows what punishment his dad will give him - he might take away internet privileges or his Xbox. "When the governor's in the room and goes running out. the governor oversees the commission, so I'm sure it's going to be ugly", White said.

Humble in defeat, McGregor immediately took to Twitter to declare his desire for a rematch, putting pressure on Nurmagomedov to accept. "This is for me very important". When you have such an incredible event that we've worked hard to build over the last several months and it goes flawless, I mean literally it was too eerie.

He apologised to "Nevada, the police and Las Vegas", but then criticised McGregor's antics and harsh words that helped make UFC 229 the richest pay-per-view in organisation history, pointing to those as the root of Saturday's melee.

Three of Nurmagomodev's teammates were arrested and sent to jail, while his own title remains in jeopardy.

"We have to see what happens with the Nevada State Athletic Commission", White said in his post-fight press conference. I don't want people talking shit about opponents, talking shit about fathers or religion. The 30-year-old fighter dismantled McGregor in the card's main event, ultimately winning by submission in the fourth round. I don't understand. You cannot talk about religion, you cannot talk about nations, you cannot talk about this stuff.

In an apology that seemed to be tongue in cheek, Khabib wrote on Instagram: 'My face when someone says that they didn't like my jump, but I tried so hard.



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