Pair face ten years in Thai jail over 'Scouser' graffiti

Tourists are seen spray painting graffiti on a wall near Tha Phae Gate in Chiang Rai Thailand. Pic Thanakharn Kotkhumlue

Brittney and her friend Furlong Lee have admitted to defacing the ancient wall.

"She just said, 'Mom, I'm in trouble, '" she told The Canadian Press Friday.

Tha Pae Gate, which dates back to the 13th century, is part of an historic wall that forms a square around Chiang Mai's inner city.

They had also "admitted to the crime", an officer told Reuters. "When people visit somewhere they should know not to [leave] graffiti".

Anon said they do not yet have a lawyer, adding that the young man and woman showed signs of having been intoxicated.

But once she found out what had happened, she said it felt like "bricks of cement dropped on my shoulders". "She will face the consequences of her actions... this is so out of character for her".

Reuters have reported that 23 year olds Furlong Lee (UK) and Brittney Schneider (Canada) were arrested at a guesthouse in Chiang Mai and are being held at the provincial court pending further questioning over the matter.

She said she is overwhelmed by the charges against her daughter. "But I said stay strong and breathe and go through it".

She said she plans to fly to Thailand to support her daughter while she awaits trial.

If found guilty, the tourists could each face 10 years behind bars and a 1 million baht fine, which equals around $40,000.

The words "Scouser Lee" were painted on the wall, apparently a reference to the English city of Liverpool. Police did not confirm Mr Lee's hometown.



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