Orthopedic Surgeons to use Apple Watch for Monitoring Patients

Hip and Knee Surgeons Use Apple Watch to Monitor Patients

At first, these will be the only people able to use the Mymobility app, although it will later be opened up to anyone who wants it. Participants will also receive an Apple Watch for the duration of the study.

Over 1 million people in the USA have knee and hip replacements each year.

The study aims to enroll as many as 10,000 patient participants in the US. The firms will run a study that will use health-tracking information sourced from the Apple Watch. When used with the Apple Watch, the app will assess the user's physical condition and activity, and provide data to healthcare professionals. The Apple Watch will work with this app by gathering step and heart rate data. In addition, they can monitor patients' activity levels as they prepare for and recover from surgery.

"When you look at what patients have to do when they undergo hip and knee replacement, in some cases, they have very low support or guidance before and after surgery, which creates a lot of unnecessary fear and anxiety", Zimmer Biomet executive Dan Williamson said. In this way, doctors will have a better participation in caring for their patients in a way that was not possible using conventional in-person visits. It includes educational resources, exercise videos and a way for patients to contact their surgeon and care team with questions and concerns. Both companies are also cooperating on a clinical study. However, the app will be released publicly some time in the future. Citing the aging of the population, the figures representing the people getting knee and hip replacement surgeries is bound to increase.

Zimmer Biomet, one of the largest manufacturers in the space, has branched out with technology services as a way to better help patients recover from procedures.

Last year, Apple also partnered with Stanford Medicine in another study to find out how Apple Watch could be utilized in detecting irregular heartbeats.

Indeed, it's another way Apple is wielding its smartwatch as a more serious health tool. According to the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders, at least 30 million people in the United States have some kind of eating disorder, and one hope is the new study reliant on Apple Watch could help researchers predict an episode of binge-eating before it happens.



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