Nintendo Switch Console Sales Reach 21.74 Million Units Worldwide

Nintendo Switch PS4

By passing the GameCube, the Switch has now already sold two of Nintendo's previous home consoles despite being on sale for less than two years.

Highly anticipated: Nintendo's Switch is midway through its second year and sales continue to be incredibly solid.

In its new earnings report, Nintendo also revealed that over five million Switch consoles have been sold in the past sixth months, marking a slight increase in sales from the same period a year ago.

Nintendo's earnings were supported by the 42 million Switch games sold in April-September, versus 22 million in the same period a year earlier, with upcoming titles generating a buzz among games fans including next month's Pokemon: Let's Go titles and December's Super Smash Bros. You can look at these figures yourself over on Nintendo's official financial report page. That's up from the 20 million units sold as of the end of July, with 3.19 million units sold in the most recent quarter. And the older GameCube sold just under 22 million units over a period of six years.

Some other interesting nuggets of information in Nintendo's October 30 earnings release involved software sales for some of their first party titles. The company has also sold 111.10 million software units for the Switch. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, a game that originally released on Wii U, has sold 1.67 million units. The company grew its profit during the period by 25.4% to 64.6 billion yen ($572 million).

Nintendo additionally announced that it has now sold 73.53 million Nintendo 3DS consoles and 371.16 million software units for the 3DS.

For the year to March, it maintained its optimistic annual targets, expecting a net profit of 165 billion yen on sales of 1.2 trillion yen.



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