Navy Mom's Tweet Makes #HimToo Mockery Go Viral

Facebook									Pieter Hanson's mom sparked a viral trend with her Himtoo

The sons of a woman who sent an awkward viral tweet are defusing the situation with laughter - and a little bit of debunking. The most recent focus of the movement has been Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who during his Supreme Court confirmation process faced multiple accusations of sexual misconduct.

"He graduated #1 in boot camp", she continued.

'He was awarded the USO (United Service Organizations) award. He was #1 in A school. e is a gentleman who respects women. The picture of Hanson in his old Navy uniform, resting one elbow on a bent knee, was accompanied by a caption claiming he was scared to go on "solo dates" because of false sexual assault allegations from "radical feminists".

He asked his grandmother and younger brother to ask her to delete the tweet, the Post reported, and she went even further, deleting her entire Twitter account. "Let's turn this around", Pieter Tweeted, identifying himself as an ally, and, delightfully, a "cat dad". "I respect and #BelieveWomen", he wrote.

An American mother's attempt to use her son in support of the #HimToo counter-campaign has not quite gone to plan, with it firstly shot down by her own sons and then lampooned by the rest of the world.

On Monday night, a relatively benign political tweet from a random mom on Twitter exploded into a huge meme. Well, other Twitter users have been using #HimToo to create their own versions of the mum's proud post - and they're rather tongue-in-cheek.

Earlier this week, Marla Reynolds took to Twitter to praise her son for his achievements in the Navy and suggested why he might still be single, tagging "radical feminists" at the end of her message.

Peter said of his mother's tweet: "I was dumbfounded when I saw it, but at the end of the day we all have insane parents". He called the tweet "ridiculous", adding that his mother "made up" the story about Pieter not going on solo dates.

So, who exactly is this woman's son?

"I feel bad for what Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family have gone through, but I am glad the left has been exposed for their dirty tactics". And he noted that "becoming internet famous is the best way to force people to look at pictures of your cats".

"My mom is handsome, I May be upset but I love her", he added. "She said she is calling the police". "I'm still trying to wrap my head around all this". She won't go on solo dates because she always has her lucky cricket with her.



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