‘More awareness needed on mental health’

Artist Brent Harpur waits for Brittani Beavis to make a contribution to an interactive mural set

For such a long time I have campaigned for mental health, having had a relationship with anti-depressants since my early teenage years.

The C.P.H.is observing Mental Health Week under the theme "Young People in Mental Health, in a Changing World" and nurse Morris-Willis said, sensitising the youth on the issue of mental health is critical.

Lady Gaga's new film A Star Is Born may be a music industry melodrama at its surface, but it's also a movie with a serious message about mental health and a pivotal character death by suicide.

From these statistics, it's clear that mental health in young people is a widespread issue with significant consequences if left untreated.

The appointment of Doyle-Price is one of the United Kingdom government's efforts to confront the issue.

Since the global burden of Mental Health only seems to be increasing, it is essential that one day of the year is dedicated entirely to generating awareness of various mental health issues.

"Our message is that, by redirecting your energies towards boosting your physical health, reaching out to those around you, becoming more aware of your feelings, trying new things and focusing on kindness and sharing, you can combat numerous negative emotions and behaviours that affect our everyday lives".

"Children and adolescents with mental health disorders often face stigma and limited access to health care and education in violation of their human rights".

Responding to the report, Mr Hancock told BBC Radio 4's Today: "This is an improvement on what there was before and it is still way off where we need to be".

Present estimates show people with mental illnesses account for almost 6.5% of India's population and is projected to increase to 20% by2020. We'll have nurses on site who can share what makes their careers so rewarding.

And 2012 gold medallist Grainger believes that creating a positive mental health environment will have major benefits for the GB squad and coaching staff.

Theresa May has announced eight thousand more mental health workers in schools to offer mental health checks to pupils. But both of us have seen how political leadership, funding, innovation and individual acts of bravery and compassion can change the world.

Now mental health received less than 5%, even in these richer nations.

Better mental health support in the workplace can save United Kingdom business up to £8 billion a year, while early intervention for people can help reduce the cost of treating people with these conditions.

Speaking at a reception to mark World Mental Health Day, Mrs May is expected to say: "We can end the stigma that has forced too many to suffer in silence".

So let's do that.

The second day of the Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit takes place in London on Wednesday.



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