Melania Trump: Women accusing men need to show 'really hard evidence'

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump bid farewell to Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and his wife Margaret Kenyatta outside of the West Wing of the White House

Trump also said that some organizations and foundations were unwilling to partner with her due to their distaste for the administration in another portion of the interview aired on Tuesday.

"I support the women, and they need to be heard", Melania says in the interview. We need to support them.

The full interview with Melania Trump will air Friday, where she will discuss a variety of topics, including the infamous "I Don't Really Care, Do U?" jacket she wore on her way to visit detained immigrants at the southern border.

"It is sad to see that organizations and foundations I want to partner with choose not to, because of the administration", she complained. "We need to support them, and also men, not just women".

The former supermodel also told the ABC News anchor that the "most surprising thing" about her role as first lady has been the number of humanitarian organizations that have refused to work with her because of the president's politics.

"I will move on that and I think that all the victims they need - we need to help all the victims no matter what kind of abuse they had, but I am against any kind of abuse or violence", she said.

The sit-down with ABC News' Tom Llamas, which happened while she toured Africa, was teased on Wednesday on Good Morning America. Because sometimes the media goes too far and the way they portray some stories [that are] not correct.

Trump was away on a trip to Kenya last week as Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing took place.

President Trump himself has been accused of sexual misconduct by a number of women since launching his campaign for president, claims he has denied. "It's not right", she added.



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