Meghan's tour schedule in Australia cut after hectic start

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have spent the week in Australia in the lead-up to the Games, receiving a warm welcome from fans at the start of their 16-day Pacific tour.

"Well done, Harry. Fantastic for all the veterans", said Facebook user Angela Doggett on the social media page of the company that organizes the climbs.

Yesterday, the couple were at the Opening Ceremony, in an open air auditorium in front of Sydney's famous Opera House.

Prince Harry attended the cycling awards by himself and took time to chat with the competitors.

At one point Harry could be seen holding his pregnant wife's hand as she negotiated steps on board a boat.

"Her rift with our father makes no sense at all".

Kensington Palace shared a photo of the prince rehearsing his evening speech in the empty venue with Meghan as his sole audience member.

Harry, who wore khaki pants and blue shirt, and Meghan, in an ankle-length striped dress, had kicked off their shoes to sit with members of community group OneWave, whose members wore brightly-colored shirts and flower garlands.

The Invictus Games are athletic competitions involving wounded military personnel and have been credited for fostering hope and resilience in people traumatized during conflict.

"The Duke and Duchess are loving their time here", a source said.

In the year since the 2017 Invictus Games, they have gotten engaged, married, and now plan to welcome a child.

"Invictus has become about the example of service and dedication our competitors have provided to the world".

A source told the Daily Mail that Markle's number of events is being scaled back due to her pregnancy and she is not feeling sick.

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After visiting Fiji and Tonga, the royal couple will return to Sydney on Friday night for the final days of the games then visit New Zealand.

"He said: 'Shall I put them on?' We said: '100%.' So he put them on. We're going to sit down and have a look at them".

Thomas Markle is "filled with love, joy, and happiness" following the news his daughter, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is expecting a baby.



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