Mapfre Group sponsors breast cancer screening for employees

Breast cancer awareness on a more wide- spread scale - Head of Breast Unit

For example, the National Football League sells pink merchandise that is supposedly going toward breast cancer research. Predictive breast cancer gene testing is done to identify the risk of developing the cancer in a person having a family history of this disease.

The group wore pink belts, instead of their usual grade colours, for a full week in all eight classes to highlight Breast Cancer Awareness day.

"Precious amazed me with her strength and perseverance during her diagnosis, surgeries, treatment and recovery from breast cancer", said Judy Forester, interim director of the Small Business Development Center. "We have young people who present" symptoms of IBC, she adds, citing ages ranges from the 30s through the 60s.

Marilyn says since treatment, the disease hasn't progressed, and she only experiences tiredness and fatigue.

Adding, the objective of screening is to be able to catch and detect the breast cancer early if it is to occur, so that it can be treated effectively and be able to be cured.

Have you noticed the prevalence of the color pink that pops up around this time of the year?

"T$3 hat means that it's already in my bones", Marilyn pauses to take a deep breath and continues, "It has progressed passed the original lump in my breast".

"Working together with MGH, we aim to provide breast biopsies by 2019 with members of the MGH team actually here on the Island", said Hartman, "so Islanders won't have to make the trip all the way up to Boston".

Fact: Treatment decisions are to be made in consultation with expert clinician after diagnosing the appropriate stage of the cancer. "I was able to catch [the cancer] very, very early and I think that's so important - to take charge of your own health and be your own advocate. I need to process this because she told me the results came out positive", Sanders said.

The American Cancer Society stated that in 2014 about 237,000 women and 2,200 men were diagnosed with breast cancer and almost 465 men and 41,211 women in the US succumbed to breast cancer. All proceeds go to the Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation. "But you have to educate men."It's so rare that there are no recommended breast screenings for men as there are for women."We want to to stop men from getting advanced breast cancer, just like we do women", said Dr. John William Henson IV, chief of oncology services at Piedmont Healthcare".

A woman holds the hand of her mother who is dying from cancer during her final hours at a palliative care hospital. "It wasn't something that was on my radar at all because I didn't think I had a family history". She is now the president of the organization FORCE, Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered.



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