Lady Gaga co-writes powerful essay for World Mental Health Day

Simon Blake

With the growing awareness about mental health, it's possible that you picked up on some warning signs.

Mental health planner at the Ministry of Health Karline Brathwaite said, "This is the start of something new and unbelievable, with a host of stakeholders".

"If you look in the newspapers, especially within the past few weeks, nearly daily there has been some mention of mental health".

World Mental Health Day 2018 banner by the Ministry of Health.

Three and a half years on, however, report after report has revealed what any young person waiting desperately for therapy or support could confirm instantly: not much has changed.

A new survey of adults in the Midlands conducted for PHE also shows almost three quarters (71%) of people in the Midlands report experiencing one or more of low mood, anxiety, stress and trouble sleeping, frequently or occasionally.

Parents who are anxious about their children's mental wellbeing can call YoungMinds' parent helpline on 0808 802 5544 between 9.30am and 4pm Monday to Friday. Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29 years old.

Other factors identified as compounding stress in adolescents are the expanding online technologies which undoubtedly bring many benefits, but can also exert additional pressure when people feel the need to be constantly connected.

Looking to the future, the pair calls upon readers and national governments to put more funding into mental health support, before highlighting a collection of research on how to promote and protect mental health and treat mental illness, which will also be published this week in the The Lancet medical journal.

He said this while briefing newsmen during the celebration of the 2018 World Mental Day held in conjunction with the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), with the theme "Young People and Mental Health In A Changing World", held in Abeokuta.

"The hope is to get people excited about taking care of their mental health and themselves overall".

"As a government, we have delineated our health system for easy appreciation of the roles required by all stakeholders in the sector".

There will be a dedicated mental health section on the EIS website, to help athletes and staff find help more easily.

'As we watch the news, scroll the internet and talk to family and friends around the world, it's apparent that instability, violence and constant traumatic events are becoming daily occurrences, ' said WFMH president Professor Alberto Trimboli.



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