Kanye West credits Trump with inspiration for Adidas contract

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Some of Mr. West's proposals might not go far.

"That was something", President Trump commented afterwards.

Mr. West ran around the massive Oval Office desk to give the president a big hug.

"Trump is on his hero's journey right now", West said, wearing a red "Make America Great Again" hat as he was seated across from the president. West brought visual aids for his presentation, at one point whipping out his iPhone to pass around a photo, and thanks to a news camera and the sharp eyes of SportsNet New York's Kenny Ducey, we now know the rapper and producer's lock screen password: 000000. "It was meant for problems like Chicago". The President has frequently praised the program, telling a group of law enforcement last week that he has urged the city of Chicago to "strongly consider stop-and-frisk".

The Gold Digger rapper fumed to the audience: 'So many times I talk to a white person about this, and they say, "How could you support Trump?". When I went in, in 2015, we were a $14 billion company losing $2 billion a year.

"You stopped the war", he told Mr Trump. "They [Chicago residents] respect this guy".

In a Fox television interview Thursday, Trump said that Kanye's support had transformed blacks' view of his presidency. "The numbers of people being shot and killed, it's not for this country".

West said the president had inspired him to sign a shoe design contract with Adidas. "We're going to make certain categories tougher when it comes to drug dealing and other things, but there has to be a reform because it is very unfair right now", he said.

West then gave a 10-minute soliloquy which he dropped an F-bomb, likened his rhetorical style to "fine wine" ("it has complex notes to it"), announced that he had been misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and was sleep deprived. And what we need is we can empower the pharmaceuticals and make more money.

The image in question apparently showed a mockup of Kanye's idea for a hydrogen-powered airplane, which he showed off while discussing his suggestion that Ford start designing the "dopest cars" in order to revive American manufacturing.

"At one time it was a pleasure to work alongside you. now, I'm ashamed to have ever been associated with you", T.I. added. "It was from the soul", West responded.

The hip-hop artist has been harshly criticized by many blacks on the left for working with Mr. Trump.

And NBC White House correspondent Kelly O'Donnell tweeted that West said the MAGA hat "gives him power". "So when I said, "I like Trump" to [a] liberal, they'll say, 'Oh, but he's racist.' You think racism can control me?" It's handsome though! But there's times where, you know, it's something about - I love Hillary. "Oh, that don't stop me".

Kanye West wants President Donald Trump to ditch AirForce one and force Apple to build him a really neat concept airplane that he saw a GIF of on the internet. He also described West as a "smart cookie". The Post, citing anonymous United States officials familiar with the intelligence, said Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered an operation to lure Mr Khashoggi from his home in Virginia, where he lived most recently, to Saudi Arabia and then detain him. "We got to open up the whole conversation".

Complaining about prison sentences, West said that people fall through a "trap door" and "end up next to the Unabomber". Larry Hoover also has a curriculum that he's worked on.



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