Jose Altuve has would-be homer taken away after controversial Joe West call

Sure Looks Like The Astros Got Screwed Over On A Fan Interference That Should've Been A HR (VIDEO)

Halfway through the game, the fan in question told the Houston Chronicle: "I'm going to need security to escort me out of here if the Astros don't come back to win this".

The Astros recovered from that early gut punch to take the lead - including homers by George Springer and Tony Kemp well over that same right field wall. "You would like to see a two-run homer be a two-run homer, especially to tie the game".

But instead of ruling the play a home run, right-field umpire Joe West immediately called Altuve out due to fan interference, and the controversial decision was upheld after a lengthy video review.

A home run by Altuve would have tied the score at 2 in the first inning.

Denied Altuve's two-run drive in the first inning, the Astros wound up falling two runs short. It states, "No interference shall be allowed when a fielder reaches over a fence, railing, rope or into a stand to catch a ball".

This ruling would imply that had Betts reached into the stands, then interference would not be in play.

That would have been an INSANE catch from Mookie Betts. Springer was sent back to first base. I'm 100 percent positive I was going to be able to catch that one. It's hard to tell if Betts reached into the stands or the fans reached over the wall or if they met directly at the wall.

Betts added, "That was a ball I could catch".

Major League Baseball issued a statement about the video ruling: "After viewing all relevant angles, the replay official could not definitely determine that the spectator failed to reach out of the stands and over the playing field, clearly preventing the fielder from catching the ball".

Altuve had both hands on his helmet in disbelief while standing on second base, where he stopped when the play ended. "Jose paid kind of the ultimate price for something out of his control". One replay shown from a left field angle made it look like Betts did reach over the yellow line, but it was not conclusive. The ball then glanced off the side of Betts' glove and touched fans trying to get it. Upon review, the call on the field made by umpire crew chief Joe West stood but was not confirmed, which is an important distinction signifying they could not find overwhelming evidence to overturn the original call.

"As long as the Astros come back and win this we'll be all right", Caldwell said. I'm not sure Mookie makes that catch.

They didn't, and now are facing elimination.



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