How Luke Vincent, 5, stole the show from Prince Harry

This Small Child Just Grabbed Prince Harry By The Beard Because Royalty Is A Meaningless Concept

"I'm not sure I will be good", she said, before giving it a go.

Day two of the royal tour saw the royal pair arrive in rural New South Wales town Dubbo. While Meghan showed a keen interest, she wasn't prepared for the sudden blast that greeted her. Cue puff of smoke and - much to Harry's amusement - a giggly yelp not unlike Julia Roberts's jewelry box moment in Pretty Woman. Image sourceAnd trust me, she looked absolutely smitten over him.

Amid the numerous gifts adoring Aussies have handed over to the visiting royals, one was a present unlike any other.

Harry, 34, and Meghan, 37, are on Day 4 of their Royal Tour of the Pacific, having spent Thursday in the Victorian capital.

The loved-up husband and wife mostly mingled with the crowd separately, but when they were together, they held hands and the Duchess periodically stroked Harry's back. In addition to grabbing Prince Harry by the facial hair, the kid also went in for a big hug with both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which was incredibly sweet and also a bold refusal to acknowledge the supposed importance of royalty.

'It's very clear that William and Kate are emotionally close, however, they do not seem to feel the need to prove their love - particularly when on official state business'.

"Who's singing?" Prince Harry shouted, before busting out some dance moves.

Ms Blatchford was also full of praise for the Duchess, who she says was impressed by one particular country approach to decoration.

"We've been given a long list of names from everyone", she replied.

She added: "The Queen has the last word on parenting decisions like that".

"But you need to know that part of being strong and tough is having the courage to ask for help when you need it".

Meghan isn't the first Royal to abandon this tradition.



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