Horror Bug Alert: The Pixel 3 XL Has Sprouted A Second Notch

[Update: Fix coming] Hilarious Pixel 3 XL bug adds a second notch to the side of the screen

At the launch of the Pixel 3 XL in October, Google had revealed that users who don't like the notch would be able to hide the notch by heading to the "hide notch" option on the Settings tab.

In developer mode, users can also add notches to the right-hand top of the screen and the bottom of the screen. At the same time, it might not be a bad idea to think how two or three notches would look on the Pixel 4.

If one large notch on your Pixel 3 XL wasn't enough, your phone might randomly choose to grow a second, virtual one. But the one thing nearly everyone agrees on is the notch: the ugly cutout is the phone's worst feature. However, other users, including UrAvgConsumer, indicate that the problem will only go away after restarting the handset or changing the developer settings.

The gitch seems to be a software issue, one that has already been acknowledged by Google but the fix is yet to arrive. Unfortunately, Pixel 3 XL owners are stuck with a weird bug that shows a second notch on the side of the screen.

Whatever the exact cause of the bug, a Google spokesperson has told Android Police that it's aware of the problem and that a fix will be coming soon.

Pixel 3 XL has been in the limelight for some wrong reasons lately. Don't worry, the second notch isn't physical, but rather a software glitch.



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