Hey, Here's the Google Pixel Slate

Google Home Hub

That being said, the Google "Bonito" smartphone rumor had surfaced recently, suggesting that the company may announce tiny smartphone as well, a phone that is smaller than the Google Pixel 3. The main difference between the two phones is size. Lately this afternoon, a British advertisement detailed a feature called "Top Shot" for the Google Home Hub and Pixel 3 release date.

The larger version will - like most other new smartphones released this year - follow Apple and other manufacturers by having a notch in order to maximise the reaches of the front display on the OLED screen. However, we do urge caution because the same leak - apparently of marketing material for each handset - also claims the screen resolution of the Pixel 3 XL is 1080p.

It appears the reports of the death of tablets are greatly exaggerated, considering Google is about to unveil a seemingly strong competitor to this particular market. Google could also announce a rumoured Pixel Mini phone and perhaps second generation Pixel Buds and a Pixel tablet as well. It will also reportedly come in a new mint color. It could be that Google is shooting for a more secure face authentication feature here, but that's still unconfirmed. For some time now, the device has been discontinued. It appears that Google hasn't yet mastered the art of a small notch since the one on the Pixel 3 XL is fairly big. In addition, the leak shows a group selfie mode which will allow users to take wide angle selfies. We will have to wait and see how many devices will be launched in the event this week.

Again, we know about the RAM and storage configurations, too. My Pixelbook is used in laptop mode 95 percent of the time so I am personally not interested at all in the tablet form factor Google Chrome OS device.

Last week, pictures leaked of what the device and stylus might look like. Both handsets can also been sporting a stereo speaker setup and a dual front camera setup. Last week, a report suggested that the third-generation Chromecast is already available in the United States at BestBuy, consumer electronics retailer stores, even before it has been announced.



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