Google+ is officially shutting down

Google+ is officially shutting down

Google is expected to announce the breach on Monday, as well as its plans shut down Google+, according to the Wall Street Journal.

"We believe it occurred after launch as a result of the API's interaction with a subsequent Google+ code change", Smith said. And that's certainly the case with Google Plus, which will be closing up shop next year.

Alphabet shares fell 2.3 percent to $1,140 at 1:14 NY, after earlier dropping to $1,136.50, the lowest intraday price since July 5.

The closure isn't because people are happier using Facebook and Twitter instead of Google's service.

Play Store apps will no longer be allowed to access text message and call logs unless they are the default calling or texting app on a user's device or have an exception from Google. Google explained that there was indeed a glitch that could allow developers to access private profile information, including a user's name, email address, occupation, gender, age, and profile photo.

However, Google says that there is no evidence that any third-party developers were aware of the bug or abused it.

Though Google found the vulnerability seven months ago, it did not tell the public at the time. According to a Monday Wall Street Journal report, Google chose not to disclose the breach to users due to fear of sustaining damage to the company's reputation and incurring more government regulation.

Google said it discovered and immediately patched the API bug in March 2018. Google confirmed that it had discovered the bug in March, but would not say when it became active. That means we can not confirm which users were impacted by this bug.

Google then noted how the site wasn't really becoming a strong social destination, despite the fact that it could link up with other pages such as Gmail, Blogger and YouTube.

It also announced other security features. Users have to provide "explicit permission" in order for them to gain access to it. The error allowed the details of nearly 500,000 people to be accessed by the applications, even when they had demanded that they keep their data private.

Additionally, Google is limiting which apps can seek permission to users' consumer Gmail data.

Such apps include email clients, backup and productivity services, Smith said.

Action 1: We are shutting down Google+ for consumers. Up to 496,951 users could have been affected, and up to 438 apps could have accessed the data.

Many have long suspected that Google+ was in its final days, but nearly no-one could have predicted it would end like this. "Given these challenges and the very low usage of the consumer version of Google+, we made a decision to sunset the consumer version of Google+", Google said in the blog announcement.



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