Flu vaccine delays for over-65s

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Getting vaccinated later in the flu season - through January or even after - can still be beneficial. There have already been cases of the flu in our area, and it takes a few weeks for the vaccination to reach its maximum effectiveness. But you can get flu-like symptoms, in some cases.

The CDC recommends that everyone age six months and older get the flu shot, preferably by the end of October.

Cherry, a professor of pediatrics and infectious diseases at UCLA's David Geffen School of Medicine and Mattel Children's Hospital, pointed out that last year's flu season was particularly deadly.

But 80% of those children who died did not have a flu shot. This year, the province is providing a high dose vaccine for long-term-care residents 65 and older. It also was unusually intense, with high levels of illness reported in almost every state for weeks on end.

Twice a year, the WHO organizes consultations to review the data and predict what strains of the flu will be most prevalent in the coming season. Even in your personal life, you may be the family member who keeps track of routine medical appointments and schedules tests, vaccines, and checkups for everyone. For the first time in two years, nasal spray vaccines, like the flu mist, is an option.

Holmes said the flu vaccine becomes widely available to the general public in late October.

The TBDHU's own flu clinics are on hold because of the strike by public health nurses which started Tuesday.

Getting an annual flu vaccine is one way to lessen the risk of contracting the flu.

'Vaccines are the most tested thing that we as physicians prescribe, because they are being administered to millions of people so there is no room for error, ' Dr Jacobson told DailyMail.com. "Everyone who is eligible to receive the vaccine will be able to get it by the end of November, which is still before we anticipate an increase in flu circulation". The vaccine has repeatedly reduced the risk of flu-related deaths among children by 50 percent.

"The parts of the virus that are used are completely dead, so you can not get the flu from the flu shot", Moorjani explained. We have several different ways to prevent contracting the flu while in college. There are many other non-flu illnesses that can be contracted. You could save a life by doing so, and reduce your own risk of contracting the miserable and risky flu virus.



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