Flight delayed on account of squirrel

Daughter of woman whose 'emotional support' squirrel got her kicked off flight says she's 'upset and angry'

Because flying is an absolutely terrifying experience for a lot of people, emotional support animals are permitted on most USA airlines - but after a couple of, well, quite disturbing incidents, they've had to be pretty careful about which animals they allow to fly in the cabin.

All the passengers were ordered off the plane while the drama was sorted out.

When the passenger refused to get off the plane, the staff told everyone that they had to get off the plane.

The family of a woman wheeled off a flight by police after refusing to deplane with her support squirrel is upset over how the incident was handled.

A woman was kicked off a flight after she tried to fly with her emotional support squirrel. But the airline says she left out a key detail - the companion animal was a squirrel. "Now the police just went on to remove her".

It's unclear if the woman will face any charges for clearly defying airline policy by bringing a squirrel on board. An Orlando Police Department spokesman said the woman got off the plane once officers arrived, so no further action was taken.

"The passenger was advised of the policy and asked to deplane", Frontier Airlines said. "Yeah, here's the insane lady", she shouts, as other passengers jeer. They can, of course, be carried in the cargo hold, ' and does not mention other animals.

"Frontier will allow cats and dogs as emotional support animals", the company said. "Some people drink. So there is a legitimate need in some cases for people to have support animals.", another person said.

The incident delayed the Cleveland-Bound flight for nearly two hours. Exotic animal exploits aside, NPR's David Schaper reported, emotional support animals can address very real problems as some passengers "with severe anxiety, phobias, PTSD or other disabilities cannot travel without them". According to United Airlines CEO, Oscar Munoz, someone once "brought an emotional support animal for their emotional support animal". "There's something mentally wrong with that woman to think that her squirrel's a support animal & I hope the squirrel is taken away from her".



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