Female Doctor Who a hit with viewers

The three Doctors Christopher Eccleston David Tennant and Matt Smith

This sounds like both a mission statement for where new show-runner Chris Chibnall wants to steer the series and a direct address to all those pathetic fanboys who whinged and wailed and threw their toys out of the Tardis when it was announced in July past year that the Yorkshire-born star of Broadchurch would be the first female Doctor.

New "Doctor Who" guest stars revealed included Chris Noth ("Sex and the City"), Mark Addy ("Game of Thrones"), and Phyllis Logan ("Downton Abbey").

But by far the dominant conversation has been about the fresh, brand new 13th Doctor. Personally not my favorite (nothing will beat "The Eleventh Hour" with Matt Smith's walk through all the Doctors before him) but it still had an added emotional quality to it.

Chibnall promised that his Doctor Who would get back to basics with stories that weren't aimed exclusively at hardcore fans, and that's evident from the outset of this crisp, fast-moving opener.

In the season's opening episode, "The Woman Who Fell to Earth", the Doctor has regenerated once again. And that's maybe for the best. "We go around the world this year", Chibnall said. I asked her what the response has been like for her. The new lenses, sets, the lighting; this has made Doctor Who look the best it has ever looked. But also, it's a great time for a new generation of children and families to start the habit of gathering around the television together to watch this amusing, scary, extraordinary show! Whittaker said that she was whatsapping her fellow cast members that are back in the United Kingdom all day, despite the time differences. Out of all the humans in this episode, she feels like the most likely to jump aboard the TARDIS for an alien adventure, dragging her worrisome hubby and unsure Grandson along behind her. If you've seen Doctor Who before I hope we're going to be giving you all the stuff you love. Obviously the Doctor's not having that, and she steps in to save the day. The new team has a fairly interesting dynamic; not so much because of its racial and age diversity, but because the three characters have existing, if tentative relationships with each other, which means they have some history but still have a lot to learn about the others.



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