Breast cancer affects young women too

Breast cancer affects young women too

There have been cases where a woman had a normal mammogram result one year and then the following year, breast cancer was detected. In urban communities the incidence is as high as one in eight.

Breast Cancer Aotearoa Coalition (BCAC) chair Libby Burgess says people should not have to go to politicians begging for their lives.

That's how Tiffany Johnson, 42, got her first mammogram -- and learned her lump was benign.

Some Tupelo men made complete fools of themselves for a good cause, Breast Cancer Awareness.

A handful of women interviewed by The News Journal only knew of a couple of other DE women who have metastatic breast cancer. The technologist will position you, compress the breast and take images from different angles.

Screening mammograms have been show to be useful in reducing the incidence and prevalence of breast cancer. "What they all agree on is that if you do get your mammogram annually starting at the age of 40 (or earlier if you have one of the risk factors discussed below), you have the greatest chance of survival". Early cancer detection can be the separator between life and death.

Thankfully, the cancer was discovered early and Eric survived, after undergoing a mastectomy and 12 weeks of chemotherapy. My life was reduced to wreckage and over the last three years I have had to totally re-build. The longer the time between screenings the more time the cancer has to grow, making it harder to treat once it is discovered. Any abnormality, regardless of age or family history, warrants an immediate medical consultation with a healthcare professional. Breast cancer is among the five cancers that account for 47.2% of all the cancers in Indian women. Osman also explained that certain lifestyles can put someone at a higher risk.

The call for women to get screened regularly comes during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

During the walk, the organizers shared brochures with cancer awareness information while a documentary on the disease was played on loudspeakers.

Women with stage IV breast cancer will receive treatment for the rest of their life. Healthy eating and weight management is very important. He said that balanced diet help reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Chicago is leading the nation in closing the disparity in breast cancer mortality rates between African-American and white women, an accomplishment announced previous year with much fanfare. Led by Dr. Kinsey Pillsbury, Medical Director at Carson Tahoe Breast Center, this innovative program will offer new advancements, opportunities, and expertise in the early detection of breast cancer. This campaign starts on October 1 and ends on October 31 every year. The same is true for women who go through menopause when they're older than 55.

"People living with secondary breast cancer don't always conform to stereotypes of what cancer patients look like (e.g. hairless or frail), so others may assume they're fine", says Priestley.



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