Boko Haram: Buhari speaks with murdered Hauwa Liman's family

Medical worker Hauwa Mohammed Liman who was held hostage by Islamic State in Nigeria since March

The military outpost in Borno state houses about 80,000 refugees displaced by the nine-year-long Boko Haram insurgency. They killed dozens, including three United Nations staff members.

Three aid workers were also abducted on the day.

A midwife with ICRC, Saifura Ahmed, who had been abducted at the same time, was executed by Boko Haram in September.

A medical aid worker held hostage in Nigeria since March was killed by Islamist militants after their deadline expired, the government said on Monday.

Hope that the Federal Government might secure the release of the kidnapped persons began to fade after The Guardian asked Segun Adeyemi, the special assistant on media to Minister of Information Lai Mohammed, for an update on government's efforts.

The statement did not identify the woman killed.

"Leman was forced to kneel down, with her hands tied inside a white hijab which has a crest symbol, and then shot at a close range", The Cable reported.

Since March 1, the ICRC has repeatedly made representations to the government of Nigeria about the abducted healthcare workers, at different levels.

Speed and urgency are critical. On Sunday, the agency issued a plea saying "we urge you for mercy" and noted that a 24-hour deadline was counting down. The splinter terrorist group has killed hundreds of soldiers in attacks in northeastern Nigeria in the last couple of months.

Liman worked in a hospital supported by the ICRC and Loksha as a nurse in a center supported by UNICEF.

The terrorists, according to the report have said they'll keep Alice and Leah Sharibu, the Dapchi schoolgirl who wasn't released by the terrorist sect because she refused to renounce her faith, as slave.

"The terrorists threatened to kill Leah in October if they don't get any response to their demands".

"They are shooting everywhere please pray for me; please go and tell my parents that I am in trouble". "Our daughter is facing a death sentence". They were praised for volunteering to work in a risky area while many others fled or chose to remain in safer communities. More than 27,000 people have been killed in northeast Nigeria since the Boko Haram insurgency began in 2009, while almost two million others remain homeless due to the conflict.

"The town's population has more than doubled because of the conflict, while most local health-care staff have fled". The open facilities are overwhelmed.



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