Assange turns on asylum host as he sues Ecuador

Основатель Wiki Leaks подал в суд на власти Эквадора

Ecuador granted him asylum in August 2012, saying it feared his human rights might be violated if he was extradited.

"The move comes nearly seven months after Ecuador threatened to remove his protection and summarily cut off his access to the outside world", the group said in a statement.

Speculation is mounting that Ecuador is preparing to end its standoff with the British government by terminating Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's high-profile stay at its embassy.

"Assange's lawyers are also challenging the legality of the government's "Special Protocol" reported in the news this week".

Among the conditions imposed by the Ecuadorian government, the embassy would decide who could visit Assange and when, while restricting his ability to comment on political issues.

According to the lawyer, Ecuadorian authorities presented Assange with a "special protocol", detailing rules on visitors, access to communications and medical attention, on October 13.

In March, the Australian-born journalist saw his access to phone and internet took away from him after he challenged Theresa May's claim Russia was behind the Salisbury nerve agent attack against former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

WikiLeaks said that U.S. congressmen had written an open letter to the Ecuador's president, Lenin Moreno, saying that in order to advance "crucial matters from economic co-operation to counternarcotics assistance, to the possible return of a USAID mission to Ecuador, we must first resolve a significant challenge created by your predecessor, Rafael Correa - the status of Julian Assange".

Other requirements Assange needs to meet to avoid expulsion include since this week, a set of house rules including better looking after his cat and cleaning his bathroom.

Julian Assange sought refuge at the Ecuador Embassy in Knightsbridge in June 2012, having lost an appeal against extradition to Sweden for questioning on allegations of rape and sexual assault that went to the Supreme Court.

Despite the rape allegation against Assange being dropped, he has refused to leave the embassy while a separate United Kingdom arrest warrant for breaching his bail conditions remains in effect.

However, earlier this week it said it would be partially restored.



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