Android creator is building an AI phone that texts people for you

Essential is reportedly working on a 'new kind of phone' with a mind of its own

It would come with a small screen that would provide a UI for users to interact with the device and the tasks would be done mainly by using voice commands.

Would you look at an AI focused Essential phone?

Apparently, Essential put it all in the development of a new smartphone. Using Essential's AI software, the phone may learn how to book appointments, send texts and respond to emails on its own. Meanwhile, the company is said to have abandoned the development of a regular smartphone "because the product is too similar to others on the market" and "sales of an earlier phone were disappointing". Essential didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. Also, Gmail offers automated replies, and the Pixel 3 will be the first phone to support Gmail's Smart Compose, the feature that offers written suggestions as you type your response. Although Essential is yet to confirm any of the aforementioned speculations, Rubin did drop a hint about such a device a year ago in an interview with Bloomberg. "I think I can solve part of the addictive behavior".

"You can enjoy life, when having dinner without touching your phone, and you can trust your phone to do something on your behalf", said Rubin.

Although novel, the concept faces many practical challenges.

Given that Essential hasn't been performing well in the market and has received several setbacks in recent times.

The founder and head of Products Essential Andy Rubin in an interview with Bloomberg a year ago, outlined his dream of a phone that is "a virtual version of you".

Rubin, who laid foundation for the modern smartphone business with his work at Google, hopes to achieve a second act with the new, AI-dependent gadget.

The first prototype of this phone is expected by the end of this year, and Essential has plans of presenting the device to industry partners at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas by January.



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