10 things to know about Aussies and mental health

Sheffield gym offers FREE five day pass to honour World Mental Health Day

The lost income from such individuals is just one reason why the World Economic Forum estimates that the economic impact of mental illness will be more than cancer, diabetes, and respiratory illnesses combined by 2030.

The expert said that the day is observed every year with the general objective of raising awareness about the mental health issues the world over and mobilizing endeavours for the mental health.

If we hide behind today's heavy work schedule and traffic to push our children through such stress, we may end up hurting their mental capacities, as has been suggested by the Psychiatrist.

Mind provides friends, family, carers and others with tips on how to help someone with a mental health problem. The tips below are universal principles created to support a diverse range of people across a range of workplaces.

Half of mental illness begins by the age of 14, and statistics due out later this year are expected to show levels far higher than has previously been recorded. A petition for that is going to be presented to the Senedd on World Mental Health Day on Wednesday.

"Mental health is something that fluctuates throughout a lifetime and with more support it makes people more functional".

"Most of them indeed are, but much less so than we used to think".

More than 200,000 people have signed a petition calling for mental health to be given as much importance as physical health at work.

Around 4,500 people take their own lives each year in England and suicide remains the leading cause of death for men under 45. We need to teach our young that having a mental health issue is as normal as having a cold.

Every single person has mental health. This Partnership would bring together allies from across the diverse global mental health community and beyond.

Dr Emmanuel Alhassan said some people enroll their children in schools which they cannot afford the school fees and it becomes a burden for them; some stay on in abusive relationships instead of staying away for some time until it is resolved, or borrow money they can't pay thus putting themselves under stress. Whether that's initiatives such as Mental Health First Aid, flexible working, counselling, time off or changing their recruitment policies and employment procedures - employers have a duty to protect the mental health of anyone that works for them, and should use a range of initiatives to do so.

It also recommended a wholesale shift to community-based care for mental health patients, with psychosocial treatments such as talking therapies being offered not just by medical professionals but also by community health workers, peers, teachers and the clergy. In some countries, the day is celebrated as part of a mental health week.

Lady Gaga is calling for better support services for people suffering from mental health issues. "I would really like to see a world where people who experience mental illness are free from stigma. stigma reduction is absolutely the foundation piece, but we can't stop there; we then need to provide appropriate, adequate and well-resourced help and support so that people can lead a very full and very flourishing life".



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