US storm evacuees wait as floodwaters rise

Trump Provokes 'Aww's' as He Obliges Boy's Request for a Hug at Florence Relief Center

Rivers are still rising in SC and will continue throughout the week, the state's Emergency Response Team said Wednesday morning.

President Trump is in the flood-soaked Carolinas Wednesday where, under sunny skies, he is getting a firsthand look at the devastation that has killed dozens of people and displaced many thousands from their homes across the Southeast.

At the White House, Donald Trump said nearly 20,000 military personnel and federal workers were deployed to help with the aftermath. He praised first responders and said the country mourns with the families of the at least 36 people killed by Florence.

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday promised that North and SC would have strong federal support as they recovered from the devastation of Hurricane Florence, whose floodwaters continue to threaten the region.

"We've got a long road make sure we build back to where we need to be", Cooper continued.

The likelihood of more massive rainfalls also should raise red flags for both coastal and inland communities and get them to rethink plans for storm-related inundation, experts said. But on Wednesday he offered comforting words to families who suffered losses, saying, "America grieves with you and our hearts break for you".

"To all those impacted by this awful storm, our entire American family is with you and ready to help and you will recover", he said.

To the south, daybreak brought a return of floodwaters to Nichols, South Carolina, which also was inundated by Hurricane Matthew two years ago.

In Horry County, S.C., two women being taken for mental health care died on Tuesday night when the sheriff's office van they were being transported in met floodwaters. "He plays down humans' role in increasing the risks, and he continues to dismantle efforts to address those risks", the newspaper said.

That could be a major problem for residents in the area. He said it's important to discuss the impact of climate change during extreme weather events because that's when the public is focused on it. It showed him in water much deeper than his own camera technician, who stood a few feet away in water that didn't reach his knees.

"Recognize this place?" he tweeted.

"The rain and the water you see out there now is just the beginning", he said.

Although the storm is long gone, river flooding still poses a danger to the area.

"We are cautioning everyone not to be overconfident", City Administrator Adam Emrick said. He tells SC "all that water is coming your way". "We are anxious about Friday".

New Bern is part of Craven County, which voted almost 60 per cent for Trump in 2016.

The rain finally stopped and the sun peeked through on Monday, but North Carolina Gov Roy Cooper warned that dangerously high water would persist for days.

Ashby said the state has 819 million chickens overall and 33.5 million turkeys.

After days of hoping for the best, Billy and Rita Sanderson waded in knee-high murky waters to see Florence's storm damage to their home of almost 30 years.

They passed a vehicle buried in floodwaters and called out to see if anyone was in it. When no one answered, they turned their attention to their white home with dark shutters partially submerged in the waters in front of them.

"That thing is a total loss", Billy Sanderson told CNN affiliate WNCT, his voice breaking.

Florence dropped almost 3 feet (1 meter) of rain on North Carolina as the storm moved slowly across the state, flooding towns, closing roads and killing dozens of people. Florence has claimed at least 27 lives in North Carolina.

President Donald Trump has toured a SC neighbourhood that's bracing itself for more severe flooding due to Florence.

Association CEO Graham Boyd said about 40 per cent of the crop was still in the field when the storm hit.

Many of those waterways are rising or cresting in the Carolinas, though a few were receding.

"I know for many people this feels like a nightmare that just won't end", he said.

President Donald Trump is handing out warm meals and a bit of encouragement to some North Carolinians recovering from Hurricane Florence. " not try to return home yet".

"The planning that went into this is beyond belief", he said.

During a packed day, he visited both North and SC, distributed meals at a church, walked amid piles of sodden furniture in damaged neighbourhoods, offered hugs and handshakes to residents and discussed the response efforts with local and state officials.

The resident said he did not know who the boat belonged to. That might not happen until next week, said Corey Walters, the city's deputy director of public works.

In Lumberton, where residents scrambled to plug the levee system, parts of Interstate 95 will remain closed until the Lumber River drops below 21 feet.



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