Trump Branded Egyptian President a Killer, Claims US Journalist

Eric Trump Used Anti-semitic Language On National TV. Happy New Year, Jews!

The sources behind the book are mostly anonymous, which has generated strong criticism from President Trump. "Fear" had more preorders than any other book in Simon & Schuster's history, according to the publisher, which has previously released such bestsellers as Hillary Clinton's "Living History" and Walter Isaacson's "Steve Jobs". But to me the standout message from the book - the reason it is still worth reading, even after Michael Wolff's romping page-turner Fire and Fury - is that the president is a bit clueless, a bit vain, a bit risky even; but his people are utterly at sea. In 2004, Invoice Clinton's memoir "My Existence" sold larger than 1 million copies within eight days. Media coverage of the book sparked backlash from the White House even before its release, as excerpts were shared indicating that administration staffers "often have to engage in stealthy behavior to prevent Trump from being impulsive and to minimize disasters that could hurt the president and the country" and that White House chief of staff John Kelly is a hothead.

On the website, he was quoted as saying, "There was a lot of guesswork when I was putting this book together and I had to embellish a little".

"I found FEAR to be the biggest piece of garbage I have ever read", wrote one Amazon customer, who, while claiming not to be a Scientologist, swears he's no "Hubbard-hater" either.

Some Twitter users were quick to criticize Trump for using the term.

"Fear" has dominated political headlines since reports about it emerged last week.

"I mean, is that really where we are?"

A mysterious (hilarious?) bug appeared to temporarily drag down the Amazon customer rating for Bob Woodward's new book about the Trump administration's first year in office.

Eric Trump on Wednesday slammed journalist Bob Woodward's new book, "Fear," during an appearance on "Fox and Friends", describing it as "sensational nonsense".

Another factor that proves the news is fake is Woodward's tweets about President Donald Trump.

As The Hill noted, the White House called Woodward's book "reckless", threatening to take legal action against the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.

Since becoming famous in the 1970s for his Watergate reporting, Woodward has written several best-sellers about sitting presidents.



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